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Mo' drabbles!

Here's some more of those drabbles. I still have one to go for you guys (caught in the act for rose melody2), but here are these for now.
This is basically a crack!fic for chickenmcnuggets. I mean, it’s manbearpig, how can it not be crack!?
“Hey Tom, I made the design for my Halloween costume!”
“Yeah, what is it?” he asked. Doug smiled and held up his drawing. It was a furry creature with a pig’s snout and legs, but with a human face. “Uh, Doug, what the hell is that? Is it the boogieman?”
Doug snorted. “No, stupid, it’s manbearpig.”
“MANBEARPIG!” Doug shouted. “He’s the single biggest threat to the human race! Not only does he have the intelligence of man, but the strength of the bear and the...the nose of a pig!”
Tom just stood there, not sure whether to laugh or cry. “Um...okay?”
Doug sulked. “I thought you’d like it...”
“Well, Doug, you have to admit, it’s....kinda weird.” Tom tried to explain.
“It’s just that I made this up all by myself.” Doug continued. “I thought you’d be proud of me for not just throwing in some vampire teeth or a mask. You’ve always said you wanted me to be more creative.”
“So...you did this for me?” Tom asked, still a little confused.
“Well, yeah.” he shrugged. “Aw crap, now I’m embarrassed.”
Tom smiled. “Don’t be. It’s really sweet that you sat down and tried to do something for me. And...probably a manbearpig could kick a mummy or a Frankenstein’s ass any day, judging from your description.” Doug smiled at him.
“So, you’ll go along with it!” he asked him.
“Yes Doug, I will support your decision to become manbearpig for halloween.”
“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!” he yelled, hugging him tightly.
“Just promise me one thing.”
“Don’t mention this to anyone before halloween.”
This is one of the naughtier ones, #6  lapdance, for rose melody2.
"Come on baby, let’s dance!" Doug whined. Tom just rolled his eyes.  He didn’t even know how he let him and Ioki and Judy drag him to this club, and now he was just at the bar nursing a beer.
 "I told you, I don’t dance. I CAN’T dance! I’m not going to make an ass of myself." he said firmly.
"Then what do you call what you do everyday?" Doug asked playfully. Tom shoved him and went back to his beer. The only one besides them that wasn’t dancing was Ioki (who was too drunk to do so). He did feel a little awkward, but not as much as he would if he was out there. Before he knew it, Doug was pulling on his sleeve again and looking at him with those damn puppy dog eyes. "You’re just scared!" he said playfully. "Pussy!"
Oh no. No one calls Tom Hanson a pussy. "You want to dance Doug?" he asked. Doug nodded fast. "Fine, I’ll show you dancing." He pulled Doug away from the bar, but not over to the dance floor. Doug whined, but Tom shushed him with his patented bitchy look. He reached for a chair that surrounded one of the tables in the club and pulled it into a dark corner. He pushed Doug into the chair and smiled at his scared and confused look. Tom walked over slowly and straddled his boyfriend’s hips. The light bulb went on in Doug’s head and he grabbed Tom’s ass. He was quite disappointed when his hand was slapped away. "No, no, no, honey. No touching the dancers." he said playfully. Doug smiled and then concentrated on what Tom was doing. He swayed his hips up and down on top of Doug and let their hips touch ever so slightly. The music in the club was loud and pulsing, perfect for a lapdance. He smiled smugly when he felt a hardness forming in Doug’s jeans. He groaned when Tom ground down into his hips hard and circled them around. He grinned and lowered himself between Doug’s legs and wiggled his ass around while rubbing Doug’s thighs. He thought he was going to explode. He didn’t know what made Tom do this, but he hoped he would figure it out so it would happen more often. Tom moved back up to Doug’s face and leaned in like he was going to kiss him, but he pulled away just as Doug was leaning in. Doug was breathing heavily now and squeezing the arms of the chair trying to keep his hands to himself. He was painfully hard at this point and Tom was loving the power he had over him. He smiled down at Doug and slowly turned around so his back was facing him. He let him get a view of his ass and then he sat down on Doug’s lap and started sliding his ass up and down his crotch.
“Oh shit, Tom!” he groaned. Tom arched his back, pressing himself against Doug’s chest. Doug thought he was about to split open his tight jeans (he borrowed Tom’s) because of how hard he was and Tom knew it. He ground his ass harder into his hips and took Doug’s hands, placing them on his hips. Doug grabbed on tight and thrust his hips up. Tom leaned back and let his hot breath hit his ear and that was it. Doug made a sound that was a mix of a gasp and a moan and whined Tom’s name as he came inside his jeans. His hips jerked violently and Tom turned around to face him with a smug smile. He gave him a gentle kiss and sat back on his lap.
“How’d you like my moves?” he asked.
“Where the fuck did you learn how to do that?” Doug asked him, smiling and wrapping his arms around his waist.
“I’m just that awesome, Doug.” he told him. “Now, wasn’t that better than a trip on the dance floor?”
“It sure was baby!” a voice that was not Doug’s cooed behind them. They turned around and saw Ioki laughing and swinging his hips around with his arms behind his head, making exaggerated moaning noises.
“At least I got some action instead of just getting drunk off my ass!” Doug shouted, eyeing his red cheeks and dilated eyes.
“Oooh, touchy touchy!” Ioki teased. “You need to relax, man!”
“Actually, I’m quite relaxed after that.” Doug sighed, lying back and pulling Tom with him.
This is #15 (trapped) for nikki cee. I don’t know if it’s what she expected, but this just popped in my head.
Football was totally NOT Tom’s favorite sport. He wasn’t even that much of a sports person in general, but football was definitely down on the bottom of the list. But it was either suffer for a couple of hours or stay in the house and be bored, so he figured that this would be at least a little bit better. He was sorely mistaken. It had rained earlier, so he was covered in mud and he was sore all over from slipping and hitting the ground. He slipped yet again as he tried to catch a high pass from Jon and he had the wind knocked out of him from landing on his chest. He coughed and fumed on the ground when he saw Doug laughing maniacally, which almost made him go off like a mexican jumping bean. He really could just kill him right now.
“Have a nice trip, Tommy?” he gasped, totally out of breath from laughing. Tom saw blood red.
“Don’t laugh!” he said in a strained voice from his lungs being hit. “That shit hurt!” Then out of nowhere Doug crashed on top of him, crushing him again. He was going to yell at him, but he was silenced with a mind-blowing kiss. He could never resist Doug’s kisses, that bastard. They pulled apart, out of breath, and Doug grinned menacingly.
“I’ve got you trapped now, baby.” he growled. He eyed the mud matting Tom’s hair and covering his body. “You dirty, filthy little boy.” Tom smiled and locked their lips again and thought that maybe, just maybe, football wasn’t so bad after all.
MPREG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is #21 (I’m pregnant!!!!) for chickenmcnuggets.
“Your belly’s getting bigger.” Doug commented softly as he and Tom were curled up on the couch in front of their TV. Tom scoffed.
“Thanks.” he said sarcastically, rubbing his now large belly due to the baby growing inside of him.
“No, I like it.” Doug assured him. “I think it looks great.” He laid his hand on Tom’s ever growing belly. Tom grinned.
“You’re so full of shit.”
“I’m serious.” he said quietly. He wished Tom wasn’t so self-conscious about his belly. Ever since he got pregnant he’s gotten that pregnancy glow that everyone keeps talking about and the belly just reminds him that he’s actually carrying his child, Doug Penhall’s child. No, their child. Their son, actually. They just found out today. Yeah, he liked the sound of that. In just a few months they would have a child that they would raise together and that would make them a family. He lifted up Tom’s shirt just to below his belly button and laid a kiss on the expanded skin. Tom melted and lifted his shirt up all the way. Doug put his hand back on his belly and started moving it up and down in a soothing motion. Tom sighed happily and enjoyed the sensation of his boyfriend’s hand on his stomach. Just then Doug felt a small thump on his hands. He smiled and started rubbing exclusively on the spot where he felt the movement. He felt a series of more kicks on his hand and his smile grew bigger.
“He recognizes his daddy.” Tom commented. Doug kissed his belly again and couldn’t stop smiling. Even when he laid back by Tom he wouldn’t wipe the grin off his face. “What’s up with the grin?” Doug looked at Tom and his baby and kept on looking between them.
“Because I’m finally complete.”


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Jul. 13th, 2008 04:29 am (UTC)
Mmmm Hanson lap dancing. Lovely :)
All lovely hehe
Jul. 13th, 2008 04:32 am (UTC)
MANBEARPIG! *dies laughing*

Tommy can lapdance!!!!! That was so utterly sexy and hot...

And aww, I very much loved the last one. :)
Jul. 13th, 2008 04:51 am (UTC)
These were all so AMAZING!

I love love LOVE the Manbearpig one. And the Mpreg one. And the Lapdance one. Oh wait, that's all of em'...

*hugs and mems* Thanks for that crack!fic....<3
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