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Two Drabbles Finished

 Okay, I have two of the drabbles done. I’ll have the rest up this week, so keep an eye out! Just check under here to see if yours is up yet. And if it isn’t, enjoy some TomDoug love anyway!

Okay, this is #16 (delicious) for chickenmcnuggets. And I hope that you’re doing better, hun.-
"You know, you look good enough to eat right now."
Tom looked up from where he was stretched out on the beach in the sun. It was a particularly hot day and he had a sheen of sweat covering his whole body. His swim trunks were slung low around his hips, showing off his hip bones and tanned skin. The image almost made Doug jump on him, but they were in public and Tom would have gotten pissed. Tom grinned coyly. He secretly loved when Doug couldn’t resist staring at him.
"What makes you say that?" he asked innocently.
"Can you fucking SEE yourself?" Doug asked. "It should be against the law to look that fine in public! And you were drinking lemonade, so you probably taste like lemony deliciousness." Tom looked over to the lemonade he was drinking, smiled and took a sip. He checked to see if anyone was around then stretched languidly for Doug’s viewing pleasure.
"Well, come down here and see if you’re right." he said playfully. Doug sprouted a wolfish grin and got down from his beach chair to roll on top of Tom. He supported himself on his elbows and pressed his lips against the brunette’s. He slipped his tongue into his mouth and sighed happily at the coolness and sugary taste from the lemonade. They pulled apart and Tom smiled up at him. "So?" Doug smiled back.
"Baby, you’re absolutely fucking delicious!"
And this is #7 (tender) for rose_melody2.
Everyone at the chapel thought that Tom started dating Doug for his looks. I mean, don’t get it twisted, that was part of it. He was gorgeous, tall and muscular with a million dollar smile and bright hazel eyes. People also thought it was for his skills, if you know what I’m saying. And again, that was part of it too. Doug was a fucking monster in bed and the best kisser that Tom had ever kissed. Yes, those were the reasons he was first attracted to him and went out with him, but he stayed with him because of the side of him that people rarely got to see. It was the side that Tom was seeing right now, when he was crashing on Doug’s shoulder on the couch at their apartment after a hard day at work. He smiled when Doug wrapped his arms around him and put a hand in his hair. He shifted himself to into his lap and kissed him gently. Doug smiled at him and pushed them down so they were lying down. Tom sighed happily and wrapped himself around Doug like a human blanket and buried his head in his chest. He fell in love with the sensation of Doug’s fingers in his hair, the gentle rise of his chest, and the steady beating of his heart. He always loved listening to the heartbeat of someone he loved. Yeah, sex was nice once in a while (or more), but Tom would be happy to stay like this forever.


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Jul. 8th, 2008 04:47 am (UTC)
Ooooh, I loved loved loved these! So nice and slashy... ^_^

Thanks for posting! <3
Jul. 8th, 2008 04:49 am (UTC)
Awwww. I was really craving some Doug/Tom too! These are so cute! I loved the imagery of them on the beach, too. mmmm.
Jul. 8th, 2008 05:10 am (UTC)
Thanks sweetie.

I'm doing a lot better. Thanks SO much for the drabble! Today was really a hard day for me (I think I'll post later) and I really needed it.

Love ya, hun. *Huggles*
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